Window star white 'Trained'
Window star white 'Trained'

Window star white 'Trained'

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These window star sets contain an intuitively understandable folding plan for up to six different star variations, matching glassine paper and adhesive stencils for precisely joining the individual rays to form stars, packed in a cardboard bag.
Just unpack and get started!
Instead of abstract technical drawings with texts, the folding plan shows every step in the original illustration and size. In this way, the transparent folding paper can be placed on the instructions and each fold can be easily understood.

The white "trained" set is perfect for children from 6+ years who have already developed some folding skills. Compared to the 'Starter' these require a little more skill and patience due to their higher number of rays and their finer ray structure.  
The complete set contains 45 sheets of precisely cut glassine paper for six luminous window stars with a diameter of about 20 cm. Two stencils enable the rays to be precisely joined to form seven or eight stars. We recommend using a glue stick.

Size: 12,5 cm x 12,5 cm

Made in Germany