M A R B L E D     P A P E R

what do you need :

shaving foam

good quality paper  

ink - paint - natural dye

deep plate - cardboard - something to stir - paint brush


Cover the bottom of the plate with a layer of 1 to 2 cm of shaving foam.

Sprinkel the paint or ink over the shaving foam.

We used cumin and beetroot powder dissolved in water, Ecoline and just normal paint or even pastel crayons. The nice thing is, you can use what ever you have around the house.

Then stir the paint in the shaving foam.

Place your paper gently on the foam.

Take it off and lay it down with the foam upwards.

Then scrape the foam off with the cardboard. Use a piece of cardboard as wide 

as the paper so that you can scrape it off in one move.

Tada :) your marbled paper is ready! 

Let it dry and make many more.

We used the same foam over and over again by adding drops of colour and stir them in. Experiment with different colours, inks or any other ideas you have!