Barite Cerusite gemstone
Barite Cerusite gemstone

Barite Cerusite gemstone

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This gemstone has two opponents, barite and cerusite. It has flaky white crystals and metal crystals which makes it high in contrast and very special to look at.

Barite makes you independent and helps you stand in your power. It stimulates you to take control of your life, to stand up for yourself and makes you less shy. The stone helps you find and fulfill your life purpose. In addition, it has a vitalizing effect and has a positive effect on chronic fatigue, exhaustion, depression and dejection and addictions. Barite has a positive effect on memory, brain and nervous system.

Cerusite helps against homesickness and makes you feel at home. Helps you ground. Useful for jet lag and makes you mentally flexible. Cerusite reduces tension and anxiety attacks, makes communication easier, gives you the ability to be more tactful.

Because this is a product of nature is can vary in size, shape or colour.

Size: +/- 3 cm x 3 cm