Surprise Ball
Surprise Ball
Surprise Ball
Surprise Ball

Surprise Ball

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Surprise treasure ball, filled with little gifts. Unwrap this ball and find all these little treasures a long the way.

These balls where firstly created by Native Americans who captured there life line in these, in the fifties the balls where created as a special gift for Christmas stockings or as an easter present.

They had the catchy line: The toy you need to destroy to enjoy :)

I made these suprise balls with small things that are handmade, natural, wooden, musically or vintage.

Each ball contains 10 carefully selected items.

Ball 1 :

Woolen felted ball with bell inside, a golden Stockmar crayon, two gemstones, a wonder shell, 2 vintage tin mini cars, 2 small wooden dolls, a wooden cat or dog, a beautiful wool treasure bag made by Far wool, an iron whistle and a shell. This ball is suitable from 3 years up.

Ball 2 :

Fortune teller fish, a tiny water paint box with brush, a little bird flute, a tin dragonfly pin, a wooden whirlabout/ spinner, mini mouth harmonica necklace, a rough gemstone, a bag with 20 peapoppers, a wonder shell and a wire puzzle. This ball is suitable for 6 years up (or with some parental assistance maybe a bit younger)

Made in The Netherlands