Double spat gemstone - 3 colours

Double spat gemstone - 3 colours

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Double spat is clear calcite, which shows a birefringence of the light.

Place it on a piece of text and you will see that the text will be doubled.

Calcite activates and stimulates physical, mental and spiritual growth and development. The stone is motivational, promotes self-confidence, decisiveness, steadfastness and gives hope and courage. It unites feeling and mind, calms the mind and thus provides inner peace. Calcite stimulates analytical thinking, promotes concentration and attracts success. It has a beneficial effect stronger bones, healing bruises and promotes growth in children.

This stones comes in three different subtle colours: rose pink, yellow and clear white.

Because this is a product of nature is can vary in size, shape or colour. Please note that these colours are very subtle.

Size : +/- 2 cm x 3 cm